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3D Scanning -Utilizing 3D scanning as the foundation for modeling, the reverse modeling process is streamlined by capturing existing geometry with a high degree of accuracy. Scanning is a good approach for creating accurate solid models from existing parts, when customers have physical parts without a 3D cad model.

The StarCam™ FW-3 is a complete digitizing solution suitable for a range of applications across many industries - at a fraction of the cost of competing systems.

Roland 3D Scanner-Roland Active Piezo Sensor (RAPS) technology eliminates the drawbacks of conventional contact-type 3D scanners. It scans data with hair-splitting precision, picking up even the most minute shape variations. Minimum scanning pitches for the MDX-15/20: X/Y-axis direction 0.002 to 0.197 inches settable in steps of 0.002 inches, Z-axis direction 0.001 inches.

Reverse Engineering -Utilizing Rapidform’s reverse engineering software; Studio 3 can create parametric 3D solid models that can be brought directly into a CAD Software. Rapidform’s software solutions are the most popular products for reverse engineering and inspection of 3D scan data worldwide.

Rapid Prototypes - Creating live models through direct product output via up-to-date rapid prototyping machinery.Mold Making -Taking a live model and creating a mold that can be used in the manufacturing process.

CAD Customization -Working with the customer, Studio 3 will produce custom designs meeting customer specifications, creating stl, nurbs, and solid files that can be used to generate manufactured replicas.

Manufacturing Outsource -Studio 3 will offer the service of outsourcing the manufacture of the item and presenting the customer with the finished product. Precision Polishing & Ornamentals, Inc. and Studio 3 LLC.

A full service prototyping and production facility available for your private label precious metals production needs. We utilize an experienced internal core of silver and gold smiths. We have over 45 years experience in multiple areas of handmade and modern jewelry manufacturing Techniques.

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