Precision Polishing & Ornamentals, Inc. and Studio 3 LLC.

Provides our customers with the full spectrum of services all under one roof. Our capabilities expand to, Product Development, 3D CAD design, 3D printing, Laser Engraving, Tool & Die making, Metal Stamping, mold making, Lost Wax Casting, Lead Free and Plastic Centrifugal Mold Casting, Torch and Oven Soldering, Assembly, Linking, Mass Finishing, Lapping, Polished Epoxy, Hand and Automatic Polishing, Plating, Packaging, etc... Our mission is to exceed our customer's expectations of Quality, Service, and Price.


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Tool Making
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Design Solutions: CAD/ CAM ,Fine Jewelry Mfg., 3D Scanning,Rapid Prototyping Service, Manufacturing Jewelers